Don’t be happiness obsessed, instead feel and embrace the chemicals of your brain for what they are. Resisting negative states only strengthens and perpetuates them. Sadness is as inevitable and natural as cloudy weather. Without it happiness and sunshine could neither exist nor be understood. So we should be grateful for our cloudy days, they are what make our good days possible.


Give your full attention to whatever you’re doing, however bland, rather than waiting for something more interesting to come along. Otherwise you’ll make a habit of inattentiveness and find yourself in a perpetual state of wishing you were elsewhere.


When you’re feeling good physically even depressing facts about your life struggle to compete with the positive chemical balance of your brain. To minimise depression and anxiety improve your health to the extent that negative thoughts must fight an uphill battle to get the better of you.

The Soul and The Machine

Unhealthy addictions are proof that we aren’t motivated by survival, rather we are motivated by our instinctive drives, which are themselves more interested in survival, and sometimes incorrectly reward us with pleasure for things that don’t serve their survival mission. So our drives may be mechanical and that part of us can be seen as some sort of ruthless biological machine, however everything we, the awareness that receives the pain and pleasure the instinctive drives feed to us, do everything we do to feel loved, needed, safe, and good.

There are therefore two parties operating inside of an organism, the awareness, and the instinctive drives. The drives receive purpose from natural selection, and they achieve their goals by employing us to work for them in return for the pleasure they’re able to reward us with.

Cognitive Physics

Physics is cognitive science, and cognitive science is physics, if indeed the mind itself is more fundamental than anything which it observes.

A computer desktop appears to have space between objects called shortcuts in the same way the universe has particles between space. But what’s more fundamental than the computer desktop is an operating system of information, and the desktop merely represents a deeper source. In the same way our senses perceive a more fundamental form of information and construct a useful representative model using concepts such as space, objects, dimensions, and time. However, these concepts are only proxies for a source that is probably entirely different. Thus physics is a study of the representative model, or desktop display, that our mind software produces as a simplified map of a most likely unknowable terrain.