River of Life

Perceiving life as hard is entirely a choice, regardless of how technical or demanding your responsibilities are.

A creek trickles peacefully, and a waterfall crashes powerfully, but both flow naturally and effortlessly. Regardless of whether our life resembles a creek or a waterfall at any given time it is our choice to sink like a rock, or float like a leaf.


As a butterfly cannot properly develop without struggling to escape its cocoon, nor do people grow without being challenged and facing adversity. Challenges evolve us both biologically and psychologically.


The brain tends to subconsciously manifest what we imagine, irrespective of whether or not we want it to. So focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

When you give your attention to the good rather than bad in a person they will feel the spotlight on that aspect of themselves, and it can start to shine.

Aging Universe

If people born before us are born out of a younger universe, why do we call them older? In some sense they’re younger than us, since we’re the universe in an older state.