Motivation Wave

When you attempt something challenging over a long period of time its natural to feel like quitting sometimes since the challenge will remain as you dip in and out of the cloudy states that are an inevitable part of being human. So sometimes the challenge becomes mentally choosing to stick to the challenge you’re facing.

Bored of Happy

One of the main motives for psychological self-sabotage can be boredom. It’s fun to struggle, and drama can be addictive. Long-term mental health therefore may require some acceptance of monotony.

Conditional Love

Lions, birds, and all other species normally must work extremely hard for affection from a mate, or respect from their peers, so why should you be an exception? Don’t expect you deserve people’s love or respect unconditionally, they don’t owe you it.

Unconditional love occurs only when enough love is present due to rare past events such as a strong bond of blood as is shared with siblings or parents, in which case there may be no amount of negative actions which can ever reduce that amount of love to nothing.