6 thoughts on “Together As Two

  1. There is something familiar about this to me. I think it’s “People everywhere lost in a role People believing, I am their soul” I project that onto others. I hear or read something by a person I’ll never meet who I feel is similar to me and understands, forgetting they’re human just like me.

    1. If you can acknowledge the bigger picture then you’ll find human is just a part of what you are, that you are everything; everyone you love, everyone you despise, all the animals and plants, planets, galaxies and universe, it’s all you, us, me. And the fact that we feel like we’re separate little people is a great illusion and trick I’ve played on myself for we’re the same reality and awareness, experiencing itself. So never feel inferior or superior to anyone or anything, because they’re all you! xx

      1. I have a twin sister who refuses to accept the reality and awareness of me. A person who shares my DNA and I shared an experience that not too many share naturally anymore. A person who can’t talk to me in person and looks at me with disgust. A person I was born with who can’t even tell me she loves me. It is a pain like no other. I don’t think that’s the same reality and awareness. It’s definitely not the same empathy I have for others. The many comments I receive from people who still believe in Eugenics isn’t the same either. I don’t know I still have much to work on. But at least I can acknowledge it now where I couldn’t before.

      2. I realize now the philosophy you are speaking of, it is an old one. I researched it when I was going through a phase of researching different cultures ideas/beliefs/versions of Hell. Is it Universal Philosophy? I know it’s something close but I would have to lick way too many magical toads to begin to understand and I’m not big on forgiveness for some. I am superior to the people who beat me and told me I was nothing and should never have been born. If I don’t believe that I’ll crumble.

        1. Yeah it certainly is old, going back thousands of years, and is now the basis of the eastern philosophies (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and so on). How it applies to your situation is; there is no question that you were wronged, however given that (in spite of the way it feels) they are you, and you are them, there is no point in holding a grudge since it would be a grudge against yourself. Individuality and separateness is a biological illusion and the cosmos is one total energy system. And if you happen to believe in determinism (the idea that the universe is ultimately scientifically predictable) then the only choice anyone could have ever made is the one they did, and so there’s no sense in holding it against them. The deeper you go with rational and even intuitive philosophy, the more you realise how pointless and misguided the concepts of superiority and blame really are. And when you know that in your heart you’ll find it won’t crumble you, rather it will liberate your mind and soul.

          1. This is worded in a way that makes sense to me or my brain is having a good day. For some reason, maybe because of the determinism it all makes complete sense and has actually helped a LOT more than you could know! Thank you for taking the time. I really mean that. lol I’m close to crying because I’m reading this at a crucial moment.

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