A version of reality built on sensory information interpreted by a mind devised purely to perceive in a manner conducive to its own survival, is not necessarily likely to be a model of lavish insight into the true nature of things. However prior to interpretation sensory perception is itself in direct communication with the fulcrum of our consciousness, with the “The Observer”, and it is this spectrum of experience which is our most objective.

Given our understanding of perception is limited to that which is associated with our survival, the question then arises as to what other forms of experience reality could potentially produce through manipulation of consciousness through processes and forces other than evolution by natural selection.

Most frequencies of light served us no use in the past, and so we now see only a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, red through violet, and so it stands to reason that our other senses are very likely also blind to the vast majority of their respective spectrums. Say for example if the love through hate experienced within the mind, or in this case the ‘heart’, was not unlike the red through violet experienced by the eyes; it would represent a mere fraction of perceptual possibility, only in this case perception of internally generated emotion rather than externally generated light. And furthermore, what of the experience of spectrums of senses we don’t possess to any degree at all?

Our sensory experiences while pure in nature, are also constitutionally limited. As a universe impervious to decisive critique through observation, all that can be reliably inferred is through virtue of the fact that observation itself is happening; that something is experiencing itself.

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