No singular sane person intends to corrupt humanity’s virtue. But we intuitively look out for ourselves at the expense of others – on the micro level – and don’t believe that such ordinary selfishness has any macro level collateral impact. We believe this behaviour only impacts those few who suffer directly, perhaps only mildly, at our expense. What we fail to understand, or more importantly, to sense, is that this philosophy is the reason that we watch our own backs in the first place – because very few others do so for us. A piece of a jigsaw may be difficult to distinguish alone, but when you take a step back and see the puzzle to which it belongs  – our culture – you see that it is a piece which contributes to a gross whole. A whole made of those who stand on  their fellows’ shoulders and kick in their teeth to get a rung ahead. Our world has the resources, the scientific know-how and the love to be a paradise. Contribute to a better puzzle. Be a piece that doesn’t fit.

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