As a butterfly cannot properly develop without struggling to escape its cocoon, neither can people grow without being challenged and facing adversity. Challenges are opportunities for growth.


The brain tends to subconsciously manifest what you’re thinking about or focusing on. So visualise what you want rather than what you don’t want.

When you give your attention to the good rather than bad in a person they will feel the spotlight on that aspect of themselves, and it can start to shine.

Thinking About Thoughts

The brain is its most efficient when given space to operate primarily subconsciously rather than consciously. When doing so you can feel ideas, rather than speaking them slowly with the voice in your head and having to listen to the entire sentence before progressing. Words are imperfect reflections of a deeper non-verbal ‘feeling’ of an idea, and so its better if you’re able to avoid them using them for thought and instead allowing the subconscious to take care of things. This is similar to how a person is able to read much faster when they’re not speaking written words in their head, and instead the information goes directly to the subconscious.


Ideas and actions flow from the type of energy you’re holding inside you. When you’re laughing inside it’s effortless to bring laughter to others in the same way that the sun can’t help but light up everything up around it.